Why choose me as your life coach?

Professionally certified

I own a degree as professional coach. My education institute has been accredited by the Dutch Order of Professional Coaches (NOBCO). Everyone can call themselves coach, but not everyone can join NOBCO and become a certified coach. My NOBCO membership ensures and guarantees quality. I also have the individual accreditation of the European Monitoring and Coaching Counsel (EMCC).


Testimonials from coachees

What others say about me:

Joe Gaugas

58 years old, Executive Director Medical Specialties, theme: work satisfaction, work-life balance

“Karin helped me to understand myself and what I wanted from the remainder of my career and life. 


I learned as a person who measures themselves and their success on what they have been instrumental in achieving at work (and providing for their dependents), that it is ok if toward the end of one’s career those achievements are less in size and scope than in years leading up to now. This was something of a defining moment for me, which has helped me adapt and to enjoy other aspects of the role.


I am now better at recognizing the ‘bad’ and ‘good’ self-imposed pressures, stresses, and ‘voices’ and finding a more optimal balance in both work and home situations. In the end, it was a journey of self-discovery where I learned to be kinder to myself, enjoy the moment and one’s situation.


Without a doubt, a somewhat lasting and life-changing experience for the better. I would highly recommend Karin to others and indeed have. She skillfully questions and listens intently, analyses/interprets leading to other probes or insightful counsel, and brings into play a range of tools to help the process of the client’s gentle reveal and self-discovery to address the pre-identified issues and goals.”


38 years old, Senior Scientist, theme: avoiding burn-out, pressure at work, energy

“I've gained insights into my actions, and learned how to deal with work pressure. I know what is and is not realistic and have gained a bit of self knowledge and practical tips, also outside of work.


My pitfalls won't magically be gone after the coaching sessions, but the gained insights, tips and tricks make it easier to deal with them and to consider solutions.


Karin is a nice, non-judgemental coach who can hold up a mirror to yourself in a natural way. When you're inclined to think bad of some of your own qualities, she can help you translate them in a way that they become helpful.”

Falco Timmerman

29 years old, Process Operator, theme: work satisfaction and confidence

“Our coaching sessions gave me a more clear and complete image of the world and my place in it. I find that I often apply the conclusions and assignments gained from coaching to my current situation.


I experienced the coaching sessions as very enjoyable. I think that Karin is a good listener and allows her coachees to tell their stories themselves and draw their own conclusions. By asking targeted questions and help to formulate the story, she steers the conversation in a very calm way. At the same time she also gives the coachees enough time to gain their own insights and to describe the issues in their own way. 


Due to her flexible attitude, the coaching feels adapted to you, instead of a default process.”


52 years old, Maintenance Engineer, theme: communication

“Because of the coaching I am more open to my colleagues and managers about the issues that I face, which I find very pleasant. It also takes away building up my frustration.


Karin's accessibility made me feel at ease and free to openly discuss my life. That includes the good and bad things I was facing before the coaching sessions. When I was ever at the end of my rope, Karin still managed to cheer me up by the end of the session.”

Sascha van der Velden

33 years old, Physiotherapist for children, theme: career and personal development

“Thinking about getting coached by Karin? Do it! I loved her direct approach and analytic qualities, combined with her big empathy.


During one of the most chaotic phases of my life, young motherhood, I've been able to direct my career with Karin. We worked practically with clear goals. The conversations were open, without judgment, with a lot of room to maneuver and certainly with a structure. Karin made a few connections that I didn't see myself and that helped me to move on, personally and at work.


I was surprised by her involvement and ability to always dive back into my case at the right time. Warm, involved and with the single goal to help you on your journey - that's Karin!”


57 years old, Medical Specialist, theme: choosing and letting go

“I've experienced Karin as a respectful coach with life experience. She is good at listening and empathizing, and that brings her to an approach that suits my own experience.


Through her assignments (that were actually quite easy), I learned about the core of my " issue" and how I want to move on. She also gave me practical techniques to work on my challenges.


You don't need to have a big problem to grant yourself Karin's coaching. Her personal approach and practical advice will make you more positive after a few sessions, without a doubt. Especially when it's about the common theme that you were struggling with.”

Catherine Blosser

54 years old, Financial Employee, theme; burn-out

“Karin radiates calmness, attention and power, which immediately made me trust her with my story. To investigate what drains my energy, she asked me among other things, what I find important in life, and she examined this further. This made me realize that I face situations that lack important values for me, and where my usual actions take up a lot of my energy.


The exercises that we did learned me to deal with those situations without energy loss. Karin was well-prepared and respectful on all sessions. I found it comforting to go to her. I've gained more insights and tools than I had expected based on my previous experiences with coaches. I now feel better equipped to keep up my energy level. In short, I would really recommend Karin as life coach.”

Experience and personality

The coaching experience

At this point, I've worked many hours as life coach and have mentally facilitated many work and private life cases. My coachees indicate that they are happy with the results. They have experienced me as a calm, warm, concise, pragmatic, structured, flexible, trustworthy and effective.

Analyzing and working with people

My previous experience as promoted pharmacist taught me to analyze, which turned out to be an important quality to lead complex projects in the pharmaceutical industry to success. I faced difficult situations that were often about human interactions, which are also present in other industries and outside of work. I know how to deal with those, in a healthy way for yourself and the company. I also use this strength to analyze and structure in my work as a life coach.

Unique background

The combination of my scientific background, my interest in human motives, and my optimism, are essential for my coaching activities. I truly believe that everyone should be able to gain personal insights to work and live more effectively and happily.